I am recruiting exceptionally motivated scientists for positions starting in or after January 2018! See this page to learn more about ongoing research in the lab. In brief, we develop and apply new methods (computational and experimental) to address fundamental questions about the human microbiome, with a focus on the strain and whole-genome levels.

If you are interested in joining the laboratory as a postdoc, please email me (tami@mit.edu) with your CV, a copy a first-author publication or manuscript, and a description of what you might want to work on in your postdoc. While no particular experience is required, candidates with computational training and/or expertise in microbial genetics, microbial genomics, microbial physiology, or synthetic biology are encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in joining as a graduate student, apply to one of the many relevant PhD programs at MIT, which include Computational and Systems Biology, Microbiology, Health Sciences and Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Biological Engineering, and Biology. I will be taking rotation students starting in January 2018; prospective rotation students are encourage to contact me before then.

I am looking for a lab manager (research associate) to spearhead the setup of the lab. Position will include the opportunity for independent research. See job posting here.

Exceptional undergraduate candidates, especially those with strong computational skills or experience in microbiology, are encouraged to apply for UROP and SuperUROP positions. Please e-mail me with your CV, transcript, and a description of your interests in the Lieberman Lab.

Clinical fellows, visiting scientists, and others interested in joining the lab will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please e-mail me with a CV and a description of your training goals and potential interests in the Lieberman Lab.