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* co-first authors         + co-corresponding authors

Featured papers initiated post 2018

Arolyn Conwill, Anne C. Kuan, Ravalika Damerla, Alexandra J. Poret, Jacob S. Baker, A. Delphine Tripp, Eric J. Alm, Tami D. Lieberman (2021). “Anatomy promotes neutral coexistence of strains in the human skin microbiome”, bioRxiv, doi:

Sameer Gupta, Alexandra J Poret, David Hashemi, Amarachi Eseonu, H Yu Sherry, Jonathon D’Gama, Victor A Neel, Tami D Lieberman (2022). “Cutaneous surgical wounds have distinct microbiomes from intact skin”, medRxiv, doi:

Felix M. Key, Veda D. Khadka, Carolina Romo-González, Kimbria J. Blake, Liwen Deng, Tucker C. Lynn, Jean C. Lee, Isaac M. Chiu, Maria Teresa García-Romero, Tami D. Lieberman (2021). “On-person adaptive evolution of Staphylococcus aureus during treatment for atopic dermatitis”, bioRxiv, doi:

V. D. Khadka, F. M. Key, C. Romo-González, A. Martínez-Gayosso, B. L. Campos-Cabrera, A. Gerónimo-Gallegos, T. C. Lynn, C. Durán-Mckinster, R. Coria-Jiménez, T. D. Lieberman+, M. T. Garcia-Romero+. (2021) “The Skin Microbiome of Patients With Atopic Dermatitis Normalizes Gradually During Treatment” Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, doi:

J. E. Lemieux, K. J. Siddle, B. M. Shaw, C. Loreth, S. F. Schaffner, ….., T. D. Lieberman, ….., B. L. MacInnis. (2020) “Phylogenetic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 in Boston highlights the impact of superspreading events” Science , doi: doi: 10.1126/science.abe3261

M. Poyet, M. Groussin, S. M. Gibbons, J. Avila-Pacheco, X. Jiang, ….., T. D. Lieberman, ….., R. J. Xavier & E. J. Alm (2019). “A library of human gut bacterial isolates paired with longitudinal multiomics data enables mechanistic microbiome research” Nature Medicine, doi:

Zhao S*, Lieberman TD*+, Poyet M, Groussin M, Gibbons SM, Xavier RJ, Alm EJ+ (2019).  “Adaptive evolution within gut microbiomes of healthy people” Cell Host and Microbe, doi:


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