Tami Lieberman
Helmholtz Career Development Assistant Professor, MIT
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Institute for Medical Engineering and Science
IMES profile, CEE profile, Twitter

Jacob Baker
Graduate Student
Microbiology PhD Program

Arolyn Conwill
Postdoctoral Associate


Veda Khadka
Graduate Student
Microbiology PhD program

A. Delphine Tripp
Graduate Student
Harvard Systems Biology PhD program

Laura Markey
Postdoc Associate

Alexandra Poret
Undergraduate Researcher

Ravalika Damerla
Undergraduate Researcher

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Former mentees

Felix M. Key
DFG Postdoctoral Fellow
MPI Group leader starting Sept 2020

Prior to 2018 mentees (role) – current position
Tucker Lynn (Lab manager) – Lab Associate, Silicon Therapeutics
Shijie Zhao (Biology PhD student, with Eric Alm) – Postdoc in Alm lab, MIT
Annie Kuan (Undergrad, with Eric Alm) – Research Operations Core Manager at Finch Therapeutics
Seungsoo Kim (Undergrad, with Roy Kishony) – Postdoc in Wysocka lab, Stanford
Lealia Xiong (Undergrad, with Roy Kishony) – PhD student in Medical Engineering at Caltech


Communities that we are fortunate to be part of:

MIT Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics
MIT Parson’s Lab of Environmental Science and Engineering (Microbial Systems Seminar)
Boston Evolutionary Genomics Supergroup
Broad Infectious Disease & Microbiome Program
MIT Biophysics
MIT Ecology Meeting
MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science
Ragon Institute of MGH, Harvard, and MIT