Tami D. Lieberman
Principal Investigator
(Starting January 2018) Assistant Professor at the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science
(Starting January 2018) Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


I received my PhD in Systems Biology from Harvard University in 2014 and my BA in Biological Sciences from Northwestern University in 2009. During my PhD in Roy Kishony’s lab, I developed new genomic approaches for understanding how bacteria evolve during infections of individual people. As a postdoc in Eric Alm’s lab at MIT, I further developed and applied these genomic approaches to understand the microbes that colonize us during health. These evolutionary approaches allow us to rapidly gain knowledge about the ecology, within-person evolution, and determinants of colonization of microbes in humans using clinical samples collected at a single time point.  I have also made contributions to our understanding of antibiotic resistance, including the co-invention of a new platform for visualizing evolution in real time. You can follow me on twitter for a stream of interesting papers related to microbiology, genomics, and evolution. I am a postdoc in the Alm Lab through December 2017.


We are actively recruiting lab members! See here for more information.


Former mentees (role) – current position
Seungsoo Kim (Undergrad, with Roy Kishony) – PhD student in Genome Sciences at University of Washington
Lealia Xiong (Undergrad, with Roy Kishony) – PhD student in Medical Engineering at Caltech
Annie Kuan (Undergrad, with Eric Alm) – Research associate at Finch Therapeutics